Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back in Action!

Wow, Hi!

I think I've officially been MIA long enough... and Winnie and I are returning to Herding the Corgi with a renewed determination to join the corgi community!  Man, I've missed you guys!  With the exception of following Corgi Butts on Facebook I've been really out of the loop but we're back on track now! 

Here's my mind:
  1. I love my kid... she's an amazing sport and game for most things.  
  2. I love my dog... ditto.
  3. It's going to be awesome figuring out how to have fun with the two of them.  :-)
The Summer Goals:
  1. Manage a polite stroll with both baby and dog  (Key word here being polite.  We can do it but we look like a mess, lol.)
  2. Teach Claire how to throw a ball for the Winn-Monster
  3. Some intentional developmental games for the babe each week (duh)
  4. Some intentional developmental games for the pup (easy to back burner)
  5. Mandatory 20min of speed blogging each week.  
  6. Lots of general silliness
I think we can do it.  :-)  Okay... gotta run but here's some super cute pics to bring you up to speed.