Friday, December 7, 2012

Needed: Treat Upgrade

So today I set out to trim Winnie's nails and to make up for my absolute incompetence for the task at hand... I made my way to the treat tub.

We keep our puppy treats on top of the frig in a would-be (if it were not broken) air tight latch-type canister. Now trimming Winnie's nails takes a bucket of treats so that she will both hold still and to make me feel better about the excellent likelihood I will screw this job up. But today, on my way from the frig to the well lit living room, the latch broke and basically two boxes worth of mini-milk bones went sailing onto the floor.

Now the amazing part of this story is that Winnie didn't immediately hit the floor to "clean up." What was my first reaction? I thought, "Wow, I have a great dog who will wait for the 'okay' before diving in." But what was the truth? Apparently, they were just not worth the effort. Obviously, I need a treat upgrade... and a new canister. :-)