Friday, December 31, 2010

Sleeping it Off

Winnie is back from her whirl-wind Christmas tour.  We hit three cities in 5 days and everyone in our house is ready for a vacation from the vacation.  The last stop on our tour was at my in-laws who have a fantastic fenced in back yard...

In addition to lots of room to run there were 3 other dogs in tow to horse around with...

The crew consisted of:
  • Juno -  1 year old, 55lb, hound/lab/other mix
  • Sassy - 6 year old, 25lb, Yorkshire terrier
  • Izzy - 2 year old, 7lb, pom mix
  • Winnie - 2 year old, 25lb, corgi
These guys didn't slow down for a second so they spent a lot of time outside and that in combination with nearly 20 people to keep track of really took it out of Winnie.  The morning after we got home THIS is that I saw...

...up in our bed, under the covers and everything.  What a pampered pooch.  :-)

Anyway, Winnie and I wish everyone a restful conclusion to the holiday sprint and a very happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mobil Blog - Work in Progress

Well, we're on the road visiting family for Christmas and I've tried to post a blog via email and text.  The texting post (seen below) worked well and happened FAST!  It posted in a flash after I accidentally sent it before writing more than one line.  (The profound words "First post via text!")  No kidding, right?  But I was unable to give it a title or attach a photo... hum. 

The email method failed completely (reasons unknown) so here I am sitting at my computer again. 

The picture I tried to attach was this one:

I love Grandma's!  I love hamburger!
Winnie is smiling because we're at my Grandma's house and one of my uncles keeps giving her bits of hamburger... as if I don't know.  Anyway, we hit the road again this morning for our second city of 3 for the holiday and hopefully I'll figure this business out!  :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Dog Blog Goes Mobil

Yo!  Me, the hubby, and the pooch are mere minutes away from hitting the road for lots of Christmas fun and travel.  Here's the best holiday photo I've taken of Winnie so far...

Trees in the house are so unnatural
She still looks ticked I'm making her do it.  To help remedy this problem I set up Herding the Corgi to accept email and text messages and blog posts!  Maybe now I can be more frequent AND more candid.  :-) 

Have any of you done this already?  Any tips or tricks to share?  At any rate, we're going to give it a try.  If they come out really crappy I'll take them down and start over, ok?  Ok.  Safe Travels!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Throwing Balls in the House

There has been lots of talk lately on the dog-blog circuit about how to burn energy in the Winter when it's too cold to play outside.  Winnie and I make our contribution to the conversation with this wonderfully armature (a.k.a. of poor quality and somewhat goofy) video of us playing with one of our favorite toys... The Hole-ee Roller!  Enjoy!

PS I just got the Flip video recorder and it's awesome!  You'll love it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kibble? No, Treats.

Every morning it's the same routine:
  1. Alarm Sounds
  2. Husband gets in shower
  3. Dog takes husbands spot for a short snuggle
  4. Walk down stairs
  5. Dump a scoop of kibble in the bowl. 
Today instead of eating her breakfast I saw this: 

Winnie:  I need your attention.

Amy: What's wrong with you?  You have a bowl full of kibble.  Go to it. 

Winnie:  I do not want kibble.  I'd rather have treats, please. 

(If I look at things Winnie will often follow my eyes so to make the point I look at her dish.)
Amy:  Hey, eat your breakfast so we can get on with things.

(To make her point she used my own tools against me and looked up at the cupboard where I keep her treats.)
No, treats. 
 We repeated this exchange - looking at each other and looking at the things we wanted to the other one to do and it cracked me up.  I sometimes wonder how much time I spend telling Winnie things but not listening (or misinterpreting) to her but for all the exasperating moments we've had, this conversation was pretty clear.