Why publish Herding the Corgi?

Three reasons actually...
  1. I'm in the communication business and I need a "safe place" to try out new ideas and have a little fun with my work.  (Why be so serious all the time?)
  2. I found all of the Corgi dog books I read before I got my pup to be lacking.  I wanted to know more of the intimate details of living with one of these furry little hobbits.  Because every dog is different, I get why the authors of these books didn't want to take any chances but fat lot of help it was.  I found blogs to be relevant, helpful, and quick!  Here is everything you ever wanted to know about what it's like to live with this creature and more.
  3. The community is fun.  One thing for sure, corgi owners are crazy in love with their pups and we never grow tired of talking about them.  Read, comment, ask, answer, learn... just talk.  It's fun. 

About Comments

I want lots of'em.  They feed my ego.  They help me learn what topics people want to talk about.  They affirm that if I am crazy for blogging about my dog that I am not alone.  I want you to use the resources in this blog to help us all build a better dog-friendly world so when your commenting try to keep some of these things in mind...
  • Be polite.  Abusive or off topic posts will be deleted in a hurry.
  • Ask questions, give answers.  Thank goodness blogs aren't books, right?
  • Share your experience.  Every dog is different but some struggles we share!
  • Be part of the conversation.  Check back to keep to keep things flowing. 

More Dog Blogs

Do you have a dog blog?  Let me know.  I'd love to check it out and maybe add it to my list of quality/frequently updated dog blogs of note.