Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watching the Dog Show

Winnie and I caught the second night of the Westminster Dog Show last night...

So when do we see the Corgis?  This isn't even my group. 
 We were really enjoying ourselves until it occurred to us that it was the second day and we missed the herding group!

AHHH!  Use your thumbs and LOOK - IT - UP...
So we got online and looked it up... turns out that a Bearded Collie won the group.  Not my fav.  But the Pembroke Welsh Corgi made the cut and came in 4th. 

Did you click that link and look at that corgi?  She doesn't have anything on a Tri like me.  Granted I've never tri-ed. 
After that we admittedly lost interest and played a game of "tug."

Umm... it would help if you got off the couch. 
Congratulations to the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club winner:  GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, Scottish Deerhound.  If it had to be a hound... we're glad it was you.  :-)

Hey!  Fill that bowl with water... showin' makes a pooch thirsty!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Corgi Circles & Photos

Winnie has officially completed all of her Crop Corgi Circles in our back yard.  She's established the parameter as well as built some turn-arounds.  And as she flys down her path it really looks pretty fun!

I snapped some pictures of the flash of corgi butt fluff and DUDE look at that muscle tone.  Way to go Win-bot! (Short for Bionic Winnie, a pet name my friend Cindy gave her when we had her chip installed.)  I wished my rear looked that good.  :-)

Oh the sun feels good!
These were however the best shots I could get.  Butt shots.  Winnie makes me work really hard for good photos.  Not because she's uncooperative but for some reason the camera freaks her out.  I read somewhere that dogs can interpret cameras as if it were a "big aggressive eye" starring at them.  They wouldn't be all wrong.  Which then makes since that when I get out the camera she tenses up and MOST of the shots I get look like this...
Crap, that THING is back.

I'm not going to take this crap... either play or don't but enough with the staring!

I'm going to make sure the neighbors know the trouble your making!

Some of you post some really terrific shots on your blogs and I'd be thrilled to hear any tricks you have to get your pooches to just be themselves.  :-)  That's what we want, right?  Okay, I'm all yours... lay it on me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Corgi Didn't See It's Shadow

... so this must mean Spring will come faster, right?  Well, you couldn't tell it today! 

Michigan, like MOST of the mid-west is getting bombarded by snow.  Personally, we've gotten 10 inches overnight and its still coming down.  I wanted to take some photos of my shadow-less corgi (corgis are about the size of groundhogs, right?) but there was no way I was heading out there in that blizzard just yet.  So, I body slammed our back door to get it open against the drift that had accumulated and let the pooch out to fend for herself.  Here is a clip I took from the window.  :-) 

After she got back inside (which didn't take very long) this is what I saw...

This is bad news for a shorty. 
Poor kid.  More updates to come.  :-)