Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smells Like a Bath. Yuck!

For all that dogs and humans have in common, an opinion about what smells good is not one of them.

There is something about trash, poop, and rotten vegetation that dogs (and Winnie in particular) just love.  Well to make a long story not as long, my darling little bundle of fur took a nose dive into a big pile of stinky you-know-what on our walk today.  By the time it occurred to me what she was doing I was far too late to stop her.  She had started at her nose and worked her way down her entire long, low, body rolling joyfully in poo.  Gross.

Of course, I crashed her party of one and killed her joy with a single word.  "Bath."  After the chills made their way down Winnie's spine she reluctantly made her way downstairs to the laundry tub and let me go to work.

But what did I do to deserve this!?
I wet her down and lathered her up with a "powder fresh" scented puppy shampoo and wondered... Dogs likely roll in this stuff because it smells great to them.  And if poo smells great does "powder fresh" sell gross?  Maybe a dogs reluctance to get a bath has less to do with the bath and more to do with the smell?  Who knows?  It's just a thought. 

Powder Fresh... more like Powder Nasty!

About time!  Towel me off and get me out of here!

A side note... if you don't have one of these rinse aids (the white hose attached to my laundry tub) to help squirt down your pup you are working WAY to hard. 


Denis said...

Good article I can really relate to. We have had 3 Corgis over the last 30 years and the second one, Otis really hated to get a bath. It was always funny to watch his ears when you would say the word: "bath" They would go from being straight up to a more half masted Yoda position. It was always funny and boy did he ever hate getting a bath.

Amy said...

Dennis - I can't get over those corgi ears! They'er so expressive. And the "yoda" look is a good one. You're boy Bert is a cutie. Thanks for posting!

Katie said...

Whiskey hates baths too, but alas she rolls in duck poo whenever she has the chances. I think by now she knows whats coming and just puts up with it. Great pictures by the way!