Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winnie & The Daily Corgi

Winnie's on The Daily Corgi!  Boy... a while ago when I first started cruising the dog blogs I submitted a few photos of Winnie to The Daily Corgi and her number came up!  Here's the link... Winnie on The Daily Corgi.  I hope you enjoy it and welcome to all of you who are visiting Herding the Corgi for the first time today!

I can't believe it!  The Daily Corgi!  I'm a star! 
(And a welcome in Boston, too.  Thanks Laurie!)


Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a CMU shirt in one of those pictures. Winnie are you a Chippewa fan?

Bender is WMU Broncos all the way! (Ok, maybe that's more me than him. I met my husfriend while we attended WMU together back in 2005)

Great pictures on The Daily Corgi!

Amy said...

Yup. Winnie says "Go, Fire Up Chips." But she's no TOO die hard. :-) Corgis love horses, remember? :-) What is it about horse people anyway... they almost always have a corgi around.

Laurie Eno said...

Hey Winnie, it was GREAT to have you on The Daily Corgi!

Do you mind if post that neat photo on the blog?

Keep warm and dry, schweetie-pie!

Love and biscuits,

Laurie Eno
The Daily Corgi