Friday, February 11, 2011

Corgi Circles & Photos

Winnie has officially completed all of her Crop Corgi Circles in our back yard.  She's established the parameter as well as built some turn-arounds.  And as she flys down her path it really looks pretty fun!

I snapped some pictures of the flash of corgi butt fluff and DUDE look at that muscle tone.  Way to go Win-bot! (Short for Bionic Winnie, a pet name my friend Cindy gave her when we had her chip installed.)  I wished my rear looked that good.  :-)

Oh the sun feels good!
These were however the best shots I could get.  Butt shots.  Winnie makes me work really hard for good photos.  Not because she's uncooperative but for some reason the camera freaks her out.  I read somewhere that dogs can interpret cameras as if it were a "big aggressive eye" starring at them.  They wouldn't be all wrong.  Which then makes since that when I get out the camera she tenses up and MOST of the shots I get look like this...
Crap, that THING is back.

I'm not going to take this crap... either play or don't but enough with the staring!

I'm going to make sure the neighbors know the trouble your making!

Some of you post some really terrific shots on your blogs and I'd be thrilled to hear any tricks you have to get your pooches to just be themselves.  :-)  That's what we want, right?  Okay, I'm all yours... lay it on me.


Laurie said...

Hahaahah the last two pics crack me up.

Amy said...

Oh she's a riot. :-) I big loud riot.

Taryn said...

Great post! I don't think I post anything really terrific, but a couple of the things I do to get calm faces or at least faces that are not worried about the evil camera eye are: If you are doing a posed shot, have a favorite treat available. Get the pose you want, let them know you have food, issue the stay command, and step back to take your shot holding the food so they look where ever it is you want them the camera, off to one side, over your head, etc. If you have a good DSLR you can even use a tripod and a remote shutter release. Or take action shots where they are so focused on chasing their ball or another dog that they don't care if you have the camera.

Another trick I try (if I don't have treats with me) is to say words I know they know that interest them, like the name of one of their dog buddies, or just the word "Treat" or "You wanna eat?", any word they know that elicits a positive response. Of course you need a solid Stay to make it work. Jimmy is the harder of my two, he often refuses to look at the camera no matter what I say, but food....well, he IS a corgi so the results are better!

Amy said...

Taryn -

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I've never thought of using a tripod/remote before. This is a GREAT idea. I have a pretty good point and shoot which I don't think can accomidate a remote BUT it does have a timer. And perhaps just putting some distance between me and the evil black eye will make it more comfortable for her to focus on what I'm asking her to do.

Thanks for the tips I am renewed and ready to try them out!