Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jingle Dog!

It's officially past Advent 1 so I make no apology for Christmas-ifying things... The latest of which is Winnie.

I found this super cute collar on sale at our local pet store and it even has a sleigh bell on it! I'll be honest... When Win comes bounding in from the far end of the yard and you hear that metered jingle getting closer and closer it's like a childhood fantasy come true. :-) Today, I'm living the dream with my jingle dog.


Kelly said...

hehe, cute :) I need a Christmas collar for Gibson!

auntmtv said...

LOVE IT! Lita needs one too!

Amy said...

I'm all in favor for decorative collars or bandanas over actual clothes for dogs. It just seems more dogish. I mean, I want my dog to be a part of the family... But the dog part... Not the human part.