Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bringing Home Winnie

Look at the cute little bugger. Yup, I took the liberty of adding a big red arrow to the photo so no one would miss which one was mine. 

Winnie looked like a little Rottweiler when she was born.  All black, two little brown eyebrows,  a brown lower jaw, and a white splash on the back of her neck.  It was pretty striking compared to all of her brothers and sisters that more of less looked like perfect panda bears. 

After my husband and I decided that a second dog was going to come home.  Deciding which kind and from where was a bit of a hurdle.  I wanted a corgi and a puppy.  Our previous pup was a rescue dog with a slew of behavior issues that in the end no amount of exercise or training we did would overcome. The truth is, Winnie is the first dog I've ever taken full responsibility for and I'm glad we decided to check out some breeders and get a puppy. 

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around DogsI read some good advice in a book called The Other End of the Leash.  I actually didn't read this book until just a few months ago but it is wonderful and my number 2 pick for anyone thinking about getting a dog.  The good advice was to visit breeders before they expect a litter so you can see the parents.  It reduces the temptation to walk out of there leaving a deposit on a dog you've never met.  Now, again, each dog is different but if both of their parents display the qualities you like... the odds are much more in your favor that the pup will, too. 

Winnie is a very excited animal.  She loves people, walks, toys, dogs, people, walks, car rides, people, and so on... whatever she's doing at precisely this moment is her favorite thing in the world.  She lives life full of enthusiasm and completely in the moment.  I can truthfully say, her parents did as well. 

Pictured to the right is a photo of Winnie after having been home a few weeks with our dog Chester.  Flipped on her back wanting nothing other and acceptance and play is exactly the type of pup we were after and exactly the type of pup we got.

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