Monday, June 21, 2010

Herding The Corgi

Hello.  My Name is Amy and this is my dog Winnie, a Pembrook Welsh Corgi. 

This blog, Herding The Corgi, came into being for several reasons.  First, I'm in the business of electronic communications and I want a pet project (no pun intended) that is open to experimentation and creativity without any lasting consequence.  Second, Winnie (my actual pet project), is a subject I never tire of and will always provide a topic for conversation.  I often find myself reflecting on our shared lives together and do hope that, over time, this blog will not only help me organize my thoughts but provide a vehicle for community and feedback for some of the other dog/corgi owners that have ever wondered "Who is herding whom?"


JWiess said...

You didn't mention her godmother! Great photo!

Amy said...

JWiess you are indeed Winnie's official godmother. Which I find both endearing and comical. Having grown up on a farm you think of animals as... well, animals and rarely atribute very human like qualities to them.

However, it is my opinion that anyone who drives half way around the state to help a friend pick up a puppy should without a doubt be given a title of one sort or another. :-)

Katie said...

Hi. I am your newest follower. I was reading though all your post and let me just say first that Winne has grown up quite a bit, and is a beautiful corgi. I to am a first time corgi, and fully responsible corgi owner. I look foward to your post. :-) Happy blogging

Amy said...

Thank yoyu Katie. I see a beautiful dog blog realationship in the making. :-) Everyone read Corgi Butts... it's fantastic!