Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you give your dog a multivitamin?

I  have an on-again-off-again relationship with multivitamins.  I like the concept.  You know... help regulate digestion, provide you with the basics despite your crappy diet, build your immune system, so on and so forth.  But then there is all the controversy like... Can the supplements even be absorbed by your body?  How much is too much?  Do they contain any toxins?  Geesh... I could be taking these things for years!  What will THAT build up look like?  Anyway, I assume all the same questions can be said for supplementing our dogs. 

I did my own personal research on the human side of the issue about two years ago and concluded that the GNC brand was the best bang for the buck and was likely to help me rather than kill me so this is what I take.  Where does Winnie come in to all of this?  Right here.
GNC Multivitamin for Dogs
My darling pooch is an on-again-off-again eater.  She doesn't have an allergy and is medically fine.  But every few days she skips a meal.  (Keeping her girlish figure?) And I'm sure as heck not going to supplement her with TREATS at this rate.  So I give her a doggie multivitamin each morning.  This prompted me to ask all my original human-vitamin questions again... doggie style.  :-)  However, as luck would have it, GNC just came out with a pet line of supplements.  So, I got them. 

I feel good about giving them to Winnie.  I'd like to think that because she's a young adult this will help ward off future illnesses and so on.  But what do you think?  Have anyone else done their homework on this?  I guess I could ask my vet but what the heck... why don't you weigh in?  :-)

Here's a smiley corgi picture of Winnie just for kicks.


Peanut said...

OMG! Wow of me to not think of this before. Peanut doesn't really like any dog food, but I try! He skips meals for sometimes a whole week, but his vet says he is fine. I have to buy this for Peanut! Thanks for the idea!

Kelly said...

I didn't even know that they made multi vitamins for dogs!! Gibson never skips a meal.. so I am not really worried about him. I'd say see how she does on it and if she seems to have more energy, her coat is shinier, eyes brighter, etc. If so, then they are good :)

I used to take a one-a-day multi vitamin, but it made me sick. Like, I threw up exactly 15 minutes after taking it. Every day. No thanks! I am now taking a vitamin that is supposed to be taken with every meal, but I only take it once a day, and I love it! I've never felt sick once with it :) (it's the "New Chapter" brand vitamin)

Jenny said...

Stanley never skips a meal but I'm thinking Charlotte is going to be more of a picky eater. Anyways, Stanley gets 2 pumps of salmon oil on his food. I think that helps keep his coat looking good and it's got some health benefits too supposedly. But I was intrigued by these new GNC supplements for dogs. I myself take Target Brand "One a Day" multi-vitamins and I guess they help, lol. I don't notice much difference in myself either way!

Amy said...

For what it's worth we have tried the SAVORY BEEF and the DREAMY PEANUTBUTTER flavor from the GNC pet line. So far Winnie votes for beef. You can get 60 tabs for around $10 and if you buy online there is FREE SHIPPING right now. I thought a 2 month trial was a safe and easy committment.

My human multivitamin research basically came down to this... almost any bottle of average-joe multivitamins are better in intention than they are in practice. Our bodies absorbe so little of what's good for us that it's just not worth it. There are some GREAT multis out there but they are SUPER expensive and you need to take them like 5 times a day... let's be realistic. The GNC brand, although a little more expensive, will actually DO something for you... it's my "meet in the middle" vitamine. :-) If I can find the reports again, I'll post the links.

Laurie said...

Oh wow! That's awesome GNC is making pet vitamins now!! Sadie rarely passes up food, so I don't know if she needs this, but maybe it's a good idea! I am going to look into them. Thanks for sharing. I personally take a vitamin, but I'm bad at taking it regularly lol.