Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kibble? No, Treats.

Every morning it's the same routine:
  1. Alarm Sounds
  2. Husband gets in shower
  3. Dog takes husbands spot for a short snuggle
  4. Walk down stairs
  5. Dump a scoop of kibble in the bowl. 
Today instead of eating her breakfast I saw this: 

Winnie:  I need your attention.

Amy: What's wrong with you?  You have a bowl full of kibble.  Go to it. 

Winnie:  I do not want kibble.  I'd rather have treats, please. 

(If I look at things Winnie will often follow my eyes so to make the point I look at her dish.)
Amy:  Hey, eat your breakfast so we can get on with things.

(To make her point she used my own tools against me and looked up at the cupboard where I keep her treats.)
No, treats. 
 We repeated this exchange - looking at each other and looking at the things we wanted to the other one to do and it cracked me up.  I sometimes wonder how much time I spend telling Winnie things but not listening (or misinterpreting) to her but for all the exasperating moments we've had, this conversation was pretty clear.


Paige said...

Super cute!!

Kelly said...

hehehe so cute! :) Gibson does that thing w/the eyes too. He'll hang out in the kitchen all day if he has to to get me to give him treats!

Jenny said...

Hahaha, she's clever, isn't she? So how did the conversation end? Stanley hopes Winnie got her way ;)

Amy said...

Stanley will be glad to know that Winnie did, in the end, out smart me. She know's that I'll give her a treat if she goes outside to do her business and comes right back in... and so she did.

Laurie said...

HAhahaah they're too smart!