Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Trick! (spin)

Being that I'm less than two weeks away from my due date my energy level has been L-O-W to say the least.  Winnie has been a terrific sport. She's really given me a break by not demanding a walk everyday and just sort of keeping me company on the couch when I can't muster up the energy for anything more.  But like every dog... she needs more. 

This is the face of a dog who needs more...

My solution:  New Dog Tricks!

Brilliant, right?

I thought so, too. 

I downloaded an iPhone app called 101 Best Dog Tricks.  Now, it's actually only 10 dog tricks (a few that we would all already know such as "sit").  It's sort of a teaser app to get you to buy the book... 101 Best Dog Tricks, which I may because I like the app so far.  Here's what it looks like:

Each trick has step by step instructions, a short video demo and a "log" feature so you can record up to 20 training sessions for each trick... it's good for us people to remember that once isn't always enough to really "learn" something.  For .99 cents... I'd say great... money well spent.  

So, I waddled out to the back yard and Winnie and I started learning the new trick "spin"  Kind of a dorky trick BUT it IS something we can do together that keeps her thinking with a little outdoor play that doesn't completely poop me out.  I think this will be a good little discipline for us for a while.  What do you think? 

This is the face of a happy dog... that just had lots of treats... yum.  :-)


auntmtv said...

GREAT IDEA. Lita has been sick lately, and this would be something to keep her busy, yet not tax her physically. Thanks for sharing

Kelly said...

Pretty cool! I love the "spin in circles" trick :) Gibson always gets mad at me when I ask him to do it though. haha

Amy said...

Winnie is defiantly liking the spin trick. She's all bright eyed and attentive when we start to work on it. My plan is to get her to turn in a circle clockwise when I say/gester "spin" and then do it counter clockwise when I say/gesture "around.". I'll post some video when we are more solid.

auntmtv: it's been good fun without demanding a lot of energy.

Kelly: Why does Gibson not like to spin?

auntmtv said...

baby yet?