Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nursery Update

Okay... so here's what's been going on the last few weeks. 
  1. We've "finished" our basement.  (And I use that term loosely...)
  2. Moved all of our office furniture and supplies TO the basement, a.k.a our new office
  3. Moved all of our nursery goodies TO the old office, a.k.a. the new nursery
Whew!  Our so called "finished" basement got that way by tearing out some old gross flooring and putting in some bright new paint.  We've also unloaded a few boxes of IKEA furniture down there but don't have it assembled yet.  Winnie, rightly so, as been focusing our attention on the nursery.

This daughter of ours is already one VERY loved little girl.  Our family, friends, and community have gifted her more than she could possibly need.  So we started by taking things out of the lovely gift wrapping and putting it in like categories around the parameter of the room... Winnie had her eye on a very cute stuffed duck.  I wonder how long we'll be able to keep her from it after our little one starts playing with it. 

Herders also make great sorters... look at what I did!
Next was assembling the furniture so we actually had some place to PUT everything.

I'm not at all convinced these guys know what their doing.
  I'm going to supervise from the hall way so I don't get assembled up into the dresser... *sigh. 
When all was said and done we ended up with this...

I still need to find a themed lamp and window dressing but in all pratical ways we're ready!

... a close up of the crib.
 After painting the basement we decided that wall decals were a much easier way to go for the nursery and being that cute corgi decals are hard to find we settled for woodland creatures.  :-) 

Our official due date is September 3rd so we're only a few weeks out!  Everything has been going great - other than the usual, uncomfortable tiredness that seems to be my life now.  I'll keep you posted as our household grows by one!  :-)


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, September 3rd? So close!!! :)

The nursery is cute! I like the poka dots and wodland creatures on the walls. We decided not to paint either and just do wall decals :)

Amy said...

Close is right. No one is more freaked out than me right now, for sure!

We had good luck with the decals. They were super easy to put up and move around. I think the high contrast between the white walls and dark dots will give her something to easily focus on... ha! Now that I think about it... maybe we should have put some on teh ceiling?