Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home Again Pet Rescuers

In 2010 I posted the basics of how the Home Again Pet Rescuer program works.  [ View Pet Rescuers Post ]  The subject is fresh on my mind again because:
  1. I recently renewed Winnie's subscription for extra perks
  2. I recently got an email about a micro-chipped lost dog in my area
I wanted to just toss out there that the Home Again service, even though good before, has gotten even better in the last several years!  They've made it really easy to help your fellow pet owners recover a lost furry-family member.  Check this out...

Facebook Lost Dog Status Update
I got an email from Home Again that a micro-chipped dog went missing in my area.  I was able to click a link in the email that automatically generated a status update in my Facebook account and I did it all from my phone! 

Does anyone else participate in this?  Is there another program that you like better?  As I said in my previous post, you don't need to subscribe to participate.  Anyone can become a "Pet Rescurer" and receive emails about missing pets it their area and help bring them home.  Here's the link:   Home Again Website 

Go Team!

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