Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pet Rescuers

First, let me say that Winnie does not need rescuers.  But if she did, I would seriously rally the troops.

I'm talking about the "Pet Rescuers" from Home Again Recovery, the company that microchips your pet. 

We got Winnie micro chipped the same time we got her spayed.  What really convinced me it was a good idea was that the service isn't just reactive - it's proactive.  Sure, I would seriously hope that if anyone found a lost cat or dog that they would take them to the vet, humane society, or at the very least keep them around for a few weeks and put up FOUND PET posters.  But let's be honest, not everyone even has a eye out for that sort of thing. 

What this micro chipping company does in addition to making your pet identifiable (even if she loses her collar) is that it alerts the "Pet Rescuers" in the area you are from and the area that your pet went missing.  It's great! 

Every so often (thankfully, not more often) I receive an email with a PDF attachment.  The PDF is a ready made LOST DOG (or cat) poster complete with all the necessary information:  pet photo, pet name, medical information, distinguishing marks, size, etc.  If a dog is lost in my zip code I know to keep my eye out and I print the posters and put them up in my local pet stores and dog parks.  I don't know these dogs but if Winnie ever did run off I would really want someone to do it for me. 

Why write a blog post about it?  Because you don't have to subscribe to this service to be a Pet Rescuer.  You can sign up to read the pet rescue tips and receive the emails for free.  Why not?  You'd be doing a good thing.


Katie said...

Whiskey has the home again chip in her also. And I get those notifacations in my email. I live in a busy area so I get more than I would want to see in my email. But I also open it and save it to a folder and if I see any stray pet I try to grab it.
In my neighborhood I have snagged 3 dogs that "escaped" from thier homes on 3 different occasions. And called the owners (theses had thier collors) Its great to reunite pets with their owners and I only hope someone would do the same if Whiskey ever got out.

Amy said...

Katie, that's great! I don't save the files after I print them but I do check the old links. If a pet is then recovered the poster will say "FOUND" on it. It's a feel good moment.

Amy said...

Just an update that Home Again JUST came out with a new iPhone/iPod Touch app w/ Lost Pet alerts, interactive maps, and more. Check it out...