Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Costumes? How will you vote?

So this year Winnie and I are going to a Halloween / Birthday party at a friends house so I thought "If we're going to dress up, would Winnie like to join the fun?"  Maybe.  Actually, after trying to put a few things on her she really didn't like it so I came up with another idea.  Festive bandannas!  Here's a picture from the Doctors Foster & Smith Website that I was thinking of getting. 

What do you think?  What will you do?  Vote in the costume poll! 

PS Fun that they picked a corgi model, right?  :-)


Kelly said...

I like the bandana idea :) Gibson hates wearing clothes, so he's going to be a famous corgi (Ein from Cowboy Bebop) for halloween :) So, he really doesn't have to wear a costume!

Amy said...

Kelly - Now that's a free-thinking dog costume idea. :-)

Katie said...

Whiskey will tolerate clothes more than most. So she is going as a hot dog this year. We took her trick or treating last year and the people in my neighborhood have dog cookies out also for the 4-legged friends. My boyfriend and I are going to accompany her as ketchup and mustard. :-)
But I love your bandana idea! Adorable!! And having a corgi as a model is just a sign to get it. :-)

Peanut said...

Peanut's going to be a hot dog!

Laurie said...

Sadie will be dressing up, but you'll have to stay tuned to our blog to find out what she will be!! :) Last year, she was a banana. Here are some of her other costumes: http://sweetsadiethecorgi.blogspot.com/2010/09/halloween-costumes.html

I like the bandannas though! Very cute :)