Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paw It Forward

Winnie and I received our Paw It Forward package full of great things from our fellow dog blogger Jenny and her pup Stanley over at Corgi On My Mind.

The package came on Monday but we've been so busy this week that poor Winnie had to wait till today to open it.  I know, how do you deny a dog a package that smells of treats?  I was a mean dog mom.  But it was worth the wait!

Listen Ma, it's addressed to ME!  I'll decide when we open it!
The first thing I saw was a card featuring a very cool illustrated rendering of Stanley on the cover and a wonderful personalized book mark with Winnie's picture! 

Finally, someone that knows what I'm talking about here!
Of course, Winnie went right for the treats. 
This one!  Open this one!
About one second after I took this picture Winnie pushed her nose in the bag and helped herself.  These were some pretty fancy treats.  Real chicken jerky wrapped around a real dried apple slice.  Gourmet! 

I don't know French, but I know delicious.
All in all we received a portable water bowl, two bags of gourmet treats, the Kong stick toy, a Natural Balance food roll, and a festive Halloween bat squeaky toy. 

Wait, is it my birthday?
Here's a close up of some of the other treats.  The squirrel cracks me up.  And the cookie looks like it should have been for me!  Ha!

The smallest bone is what Winnie normally gets... there's some perspective for you. 
Natural Balance is actually what I feed Winnie all the time.  Well, the kibble version not the food roll version but this stuff makes the BEST training food.  You can cut it up small and it's irresistible.  Try it. 

Get some. 
The other hot favorite was the squeaky bat toy.  What fun getting it so close to Halloween!  I think it sort of even looked like Winnie.  (It's the ears)

This doesn't seriously look like me, does it?
Thanks Jenny and Stanley!  We've really enjoyed our Paw it Forward package and we got to try a few things we don't have around here in our own pet stores.  What a treat!

In the Paw It Forward tradition Winnie and I will take our turn assembling a goodie box full of our favorite things to pass along to someone new.  If you haven't been the recipient of a Paw It Forward box yet and have a dog blog be the first to leave a comment on this blog with your email address and you'll be the next in line!  (Tip:  type "at" instead of using the @ symbol to avoid getting spammed.  Like this: name(at)

Here's a clip of Winnie playing with her Bat Toy.  She's a happy dog. 


Kelly said...

OMG I love the bookmark!! I'll have to ask Jenny how she did that! :) (No paw it forward for me.. been there, done that! lol :) )

Jenny said...

Yay! So glad Winnie liked all her goodies! The video is so cute! And I love the comparison pic of the treats...too funny. We give Stanley those big bones when we go out somewhere to eat with him. It keeps him occupied while we enjoy our meal and we don't have to deal with the pleading corgi stare down... :)

Amy said...

Kelly - the bookmark is very cool. :-)

Jenny - I've seen the corgi stare down. It's brutal.

All - it looks like the followers of Herding the Corgi have all had their turn at Paw it Forward. Is there anyone out there with followers that haven't? Maybe I could be a guest blogger and keep it moving that way.

DIRR said...

I haven't done it! If you are still up to it let me know at diruizrivera(at)

The bookmark is awesome!!! Have fun with your new toys Winie!

Amy said...

You got it DIRR!