Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Review

That's right, take a photo of the cute doggie. 
This past weekend Winnie went to her first party!  My nephew turned one so we loaded the car and when to go celebrate.  The house was F-U-L-L of people, pets, and children... actually, let me give you the exact stats:

12 adults
8 children
2 cats
1 other puppy

Winnie, mind you, has run of our quiet house with just my husband and me to bother her so I was watchful to see how she would handle all the commotion. 

Gozzo, the King.
Winnie did really well.  She was sweet to pets and people and didn't pull any of her usual household stunts.  The only two very minor hiccups were Gozzo the cat and one other child.  Gozzo is a 20lb Russian Blue that rules the house.  Poor Winnie just wanted to play with him but he'd swat her on the nose and tell her to buzz off.  Which she did.  (Don't worry, he doesn't have any claws)  And this other child was just scared of dogs.  He would see Winnie and scream.  Then Winnie would look around her as if to say "What!?!  What are you scared of???  Should I be scared, too?!?"  Pretty cute. 

What a lovely book.  I'll read it to you.  Oh wait, I can't read English... just Welsh.
Winnie, DID help my nephew open some presents just to get a better look but I think he liked it.  He and Winnie are buds.  His grandma also has a corgi that he gets to hang out with so this house is a fan of the long and low.  I'm proud of my little fur-girl.


Kelly said...

aww it's always nice to see our fur-kids behaving nicely in public! :)

Peanut said...

Peanut doesn't heard kids above the age of 6.

Jenny said...

Awww, Winnie did great! My boyfriend's niece was scared of Stanley when she came over and started crying. Stanley started growling at her then. I think he was wondering what that loud noise was coming from the small human, lol.

Amy said...

It IS nice to see our pups behaving nicely! Although I sometimes wonder if it's because we taught them too (Lord know's we've tried) or just because they are growing up and calming down. Winnie will be 2 in January.