Friday, December 24, 2010

Mobil Blog - Work in Progress

Well, we're on the road visiting family for Christmas and I've tried to post a blog via email and text.  The texting post (seen below) worked well and happened FAST!  It posted in a flash after I accidentally sent it before writing more than one line.  (The profound words "First post via text!")  No kidding, right?  But I was unable to give it a title or attach a photo... hum. 

The email method failed completely (reasons unknown) so here I am sitting at my computer again. 

The picture I tried to attach was this one:

I love Grandma's!  I love hamburger!
Winnie is smiling because we're at my Grandma's house and one of my uncles keeps giving her bits of hamburger... as if I don't know.  Anyway, we hit the road again this morning for our second city of 3 for the holiday and hopefully I'll figure this business out!  :-)

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