Friday, December 31, 2010

Sleeping it Off

Winnie is back from her whirl-wind Christmas tour.  We hit three cities in 5 days and everyone in our house is ready for a vacation from the vacation.  The last stop on our tour was at my in-laws who have a fantastic fenced in back yard...

In addition to lots of room to run there were 3 other dogs in tow to horse around with...

The crew consisted of:
  • Juno -  1 year old, 55lb, hound/lab/other mix
  • Sassy - 6 year old, 25lb, Yorkshire terrier
  • Izzy - 2 year old, 7lb, pom mix
  • Winnie - 2 year old, 25lb, corgi
These guys didn't slow down for a second so they spent a lot of time outside and that in combination with nearly 20 people to keep track of really took it out of Winnie.  The morning after we got home THIS is that I saw...

...up in our bed, under the covers and everything.  What a pampered pooch.  :-)

Anyway, Winnie and I wish everyone a restful conclusion to the holiday sprint and a very happy New Year!


Taryn said...

All those dogs and a huge yard to play in, and they are all crowded around the back door. Ya gotta love it!

Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Thanks Taryn!

Alvin said...

Wow! A beautiful place to play with pets. I loved it. All of them are having great fun together. I wish if I could be a part of it.
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