Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Corgi Agility...Step One, Read The Book

The Beginner's Guide to Dog AgilityI celebrated my 28th birthday not so long ago and my mom gifted me The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility and the Kyjen Dog-Agility Starter Kit.  I'm pretty excited about it and wish I wasn't traveling these next few weeks so Winnie and I could start playing with it.  Personally, I think it's pretty cool I still get toys for my birthday.  My brother, thinks it's a sign that I'll never get something for myself again.  That this year my birthday gift was really a gift for mom's 'grand-puppy' and without a doubt future birthday gifts will be for "the two of you", the family", "the house", or whatever applies at the moment.  He may be right but for now I don't mind. 

Kyjen Dog-Agility Starter KitNeither Winnie or I have tried Dog Agility before.  To be completely honest, I'd be thrilled if she just came every time I called her but perhaps something more stimulating to focus on will bring her around.  (It's not that she doesn't come because she doesn't understand... she doesn't come because I'm not offering anything better than what she has at the moment... jerk

The book outlines traits that could indicate a dog would be successful in the sport such as:
  • High Energy Level (check)
  • Willingness to Run (check)
  • Interested in Working with You (hum... checkish)
  • Pray Drive (check)
  • Confidence (check)
  • Trust of People (check)
  • Positive with other Dogs (check)
  • Good Health (double check)
Some might see this list and think "Great, let's rock and roll!" I see this list and think... "Crap, if this doesn't work it's pretty much my fault. (If we were to evaluate this list based on my own characteristics I would rank... well, below average. I'm a home-body, I run because it's less frustrating that putting on weight, I DO like working with my pup but have no prey drive to speak of, so there.)

One of the book reviews on Amazon when something like "My 12 year-old loves it" so my confidence is restored.  It is full of pictures and bulleted lists for easy/fun reading.  Wish me luck.  I'll be sure to post frequent updates.  :-)


Karen said...

i wouldnt dream of trying to train butterball to do agility....he gets too distracted too easily. (ex: dog park we call him he runs to me and sees a dog he wants to greet and forgets about everything)

hope winnie enjoys your birthday present hehe :)

Amy said...

Ha... dog parks can be that way. :-) I think we're going to try "back yard" agility before anything else.