Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love your ankles!

I'm sure I can't be the only corgi owner out there that needs to remind their pup NOT to nip at their heels.  Normally one stern reminder and Winnie will break her focus but it never stops amazing me just how strong her herding instinct really is.  I guess it shouldn't be a surprise really.  What do you think?  We've been trying to breed that intuition into our dogs for hundreds of years!  Taking a few pups off the farm and into the house won't make that drive go away.  And as if my ankles weren't enough evidence, check out these pictures of Win at the dog park.  She could care less about that tennis ball... she's trailing the other dogs! 

I'd really like to learn more about the heritage of herding dogs so I can learn to better communicate/understand the state of mind in our furry buddies... if anyone can share books, blogs, instructors, experience, or whatever for me to look into that would be great.  Go Corgi's!


Katie said...

I havent had the problem of Whiskey trying to herd me. But she does just get up under my feet and trips me up. At the park she will try to herd the ducks (if I fully let her). And the dog parks too. She does like her tennis ball but will try to heard the other dogs as well.

Karen said...

the only time i hgave had problems with this is when we first brought home butterball, and when we run around the house....he does herd other dogs when they are fighting at the dog park though

That corgi :) said...

our first corgi would try to herd our kids when they were 8/11 years old and nip at their heels. But Koda, our present corgi, doesn't nip heels but he does position himself in the house where he can see all of us if we aren't in the same room together and he tends to be the happiest when we are all together in the same room :)


Amy said...

Yeah, sounds pretty normal. It makes you wonder what is going on in that head though, dosen't it? :-)