Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Travel

Independence Day weekend is a big one for travel in Michigan.  Many people head to their cabins up north or to family get-togethers at state parks.  It's a great idea really because if you ask me Summer is the BEST time to be in Michigan.  Travel somewhere warm when its cold, I say.  Stick around when is beautiful.  We live in the center of the state while most of our family lives south.  This is great news when the interstate looks like a parking lot crawling North but you're heading down the map. 

This weekend we spent a lot of time with family and friends who offered dog-friendly hospitality.  I'd like to send out a big THANK YOU to you and all of you who are sensitive to pets that travel.  Don't get me wrong.  I knew before I got a dog that some decisions would have to be made.  The big decision being "to go or not to go" if your pup can not come along.  Sometimes you can get a house/pet sitter, board at a kennel, drop the pooch off with a relative, or decide to host the event yourself.  But I am always grateful when another host says "Bring her along!"  It takes a little prep but I think its a lot of fun. 

I should have taken more photos but here's the list of Independence Day dog adventures: go for car rides, play with cats, milk table scraps from people that don't know better, run around the FANTASTIC back yard at the in-laws, play with another dog, go for more car rides. I'd like to think Winnie had a good time.  The heat and excitement defiantly pooped her out.  It was in the 90's!  (Here she is falling asleep with her ears in the full upright position.  She's tired but she doesn't want to miss anything.) 

I find it helpful to keep a travel bag packed for her that's just ready to go.  It includes:
  • Food
  • Plastic Food & Water Dishes
  • Yard Leash
  • Poop Bags
  • Shampoo & Towel
  • Ball
  • Raw Hide Chew
It gives us everything we can predictably need to be good house guests.  We also take her travel crate into whoever's house we're staying in so we can be sure she doesn't get into anything when we're out.  I'd feel terrible if great-grandma's special something was turned into a toy while we were out to lunch. 

At any rate, the sleepy pup (now in front of the AC vent) and I had a relaxing weekend with family and friends and I'm very appreciative of those who supported the idea of my furry buddy tagging along.  Thanks!


Kelly said...

Traveling is definitely more challenging when you have a dog with you :) Gibson hates being in the car, he is such a dork, hehe. But then he is so happy and excited when we get to some place fun.. you'd think he'd learn that the car is not a bad thing!

Katie said...

How cute. Glad to knowt the travel with her went well. We traveled with my corgi this weekend also. Lots of swimming and running and she was knocked out! Cute pictures

Amy said...

A tired corgi is a good corgi, right. :-)

JWiess said...

First of all, Winnie makes it easy to say "Bring the pooch over" Second of all, your blog has inspired me. When you get back from DC, you have to help me design mine.