Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lucky Spot

Do any of you remember Troll Dolls?  In truth they were a little before my time.  From what I'm told they were super popular in the 60's with a few short lived revivals in each subsequent decade.  I do however, remember playing with them in elementary school.  These weird little plastic leprechauns with tall colorful hair and a jewel on their belly were all the rage among 5th graders for about 3 months.  I don't know what the jewel was officially for but at school we concluded that you could rub it for good luck. 

Winnie has a spot on the back of her neck that I've come to the same conclusion about.  It was the way we identified her from her litter mates... I guess to say it properly would be to say she has a "splash" of white but whatever.  To me, it's the good luck jewel.  I love it.  I want to touch it all the time.  I think it's funny to see a "splash" of white dashing down the dog park and know it's my pup pressing on ahead without me.  (Although seeing the Corgi Smile on the return trip isn't bad either  ;-) 

So, since Corgis are such an old breed with pretty standard markings (pems particularly) what physical characteristics do you find irresistible about your dog?  Of course, huge ears and stumpy legs are a given. 


Katie said...

I love the little white "jewel" on Winnie it is so cute!
My girl has one 2 feet 1 little tan/orange "freckle" on her all white legs. I thought it was dirt when I first got her, and scrubbed and scrubbed only to find that it belonged.
It funny how we find these little things to distinguish our dog from the pack

Kelly said...

Aww that is cute :) Gibson has a swirl on the back of his head that we say looks like pumpkin pie w/a swirl of whipped cream! :)

When trolls made a comeback in the 90's, I was at a stage where I would get 'obsessed' with things, and they were one of them.. I probably had 50 or so and would take them out and play w/them like they were barbies or something. So silly :)

Amy said...

Jewels, Dirt, Pumpkin Pie... we're working up quite a list here. :-)

Ha! I hear the Trolls are a collectors item these days. Good for you, Kelly!

Karen said...

when butterball was a puppy his head and face was pretty much all black...but now he has brown marking and he even has a brown line across the top of his head. i find it very cute....another thing i love is his hind leg fur is getting long and it makes his butt bigger and i love it :) i find myself taking him on walks just to look at his behind shake :D

i love winnie and her markings shes so cute :)

Taryn said...

At the risk of dating myself, I remember trolls from their first go-around in the 60s. I had one and loved playing with it outside in the roots of a huge tree we had. All the root hollows mage great "troll caves"! Thanks for the fun memory!

Since I have Cardis, I love how they can have frecklely fur ion their legs/ears!

Amy said...

Tree roots DO make teriffic caves!

Your Cardis are beautiful. Caleb is such a handsome, guy!