Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Corgi Flop

A friend showed me this video of a "Corgi Flop" on youTube this week.  It cracked me up because Winnie has what we call the "Corgi Leap."  I couldn't get a good clip of the Corgi Leap but this is good enough to stand alone.  Enjoy!

The truth is... those stumpy little legs are just funny no matter what their doing!


Paige said...

Oh my gosh, my friend posted this on Facebook yesterday and it totally made my day! Love the blog, Winnie is adorable. My little guy Dexter has his own blog too!

Amy said...

Paige- Thanks. I think bloging about my dog is really helpful because I get to really think about how Winnie and I engage each other and I get such wonderful thoughts and feedback from other corgi lovers like you!

Dester is a cutie! I look forward to reading more about him. :-)