Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unlikely Toys

Isn't it funny that we can take special trips to the pet store... lavish car rides and new toys on our furry friends... and while that's all fine and dandy their favorite toys are still things like ice cubes and near-empty peanut butter jars???  It cracks me up.  And keeps me guessing. 

"It's not Halloween?  Then what am I doing with this clown nose?"

A few months ago I picked up this big red ball on a whim at the local home improvement store.  It's the sort of ball you played kickball or foursquare with in elementary school.  I knew it was way too big for Winnie but since it was a whopping investment of $3 I brought it home anyway. 

"It wasn't me, promise.  The chipmunk popped it."

She has since spent hours pushing it around the yard (as fast as she can keep control of the darn thing) and popped it so she could carry it around.  What do you think?  Maybe next time a basketball?  What are some of your pups "ad-lib" toys?

"Ok, it was me."

"But now we can do THIS!"


Katie said...

HAHA! I got Whiskey one of those kids balls that have the charaters on them at toys r us, and she did the same thing with the pushing but she popped it as well and those arent quite as durable as the red one you got looks like. I think those corgi scissor jaws can rip or pop through anything. As long as Winnie is happy carring around her red ball stick with it, until it is completely destroyed. :-)

Kelly said...

hehe, yup, I bought one of those big balls for Gibson a while ago! Here he his playing with it: http://corgibutts.blogspot.com/2009/03/ball-herding-video.html

He loves to herd it, but unfortunately our yard is too small to play w/it properly, so it stays at his grandmas :(

I think the best toys are ones that aren't actually made for dogs!!

Amy said...

Katie- Scissor-Jaw is the phrase of the day! And SO TRUE!

Winnie is still carrying big scraps of red ball around the yard. I take a way the little ones that she could choke on by the rest of it just makes her so happy I can bare to toss it yet.

Kelly- It's clear you've seen this before. ;-) If a picture is worth 1000 words that haw much is a video going for these days?

Karen said...

yesterday i actually bought butters a ball from walmart. he popped it this morning :( he acted very disappointed that it wouldnt roll.

love the picture where winnie has her mouth open hahaha and the caption is hilarious :D

Amy said...
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Taryn said...

Hi! Maybe get her a Jolly Ball. It's a dog/horse toy ball with a handle for carrying. They come in several sizes. Made tough enough not to pop. It won't roll quite as well, but they can still chase them around.

JMO, but I think basketballs are too heavy and hard. Maybe a soccor ball if you don't like the Jolly Balls. You can see a picture of a Jolly Ball in action at this blog: http://wagginthedog.blogspot.com/

Amy said...

I've checked out the blog and think a Jolly Ball might be just the thing. Simon seemed to LOVE it! Thanks!

MAckroyd said...

I bought a mini basket ball for my corgi and he LOVES herding it! He's punctured it but it hasn't deflated (we've had it for at least 3 months now). He runs faster than a speeding bullet pushing it around my yard with his nose, even sometimes gets fancy and flips it in the air. He LOVES when I kick it for him so he can chase it, but does great on his own too.

Amy said...

MAckroyd - I know exacty what you mean. I can't wait to get some snow. The only thing better than speed laps in the back yard are speed laps in snow. :-)