Friday, August 6, 2010

Ruffel Your Feathers...

...down feathers to be specific. 

"Down Feathers"
It suddenly occurred to me this week that maybe Winnie was struggling with the heat because she hasn't had a proper brushing in a few weeks.  Boy did she need it! 

"Shedding Blade"

I use this great brush called a Shedding Blade that totally does the trick.  The photos here were actually taken the day after I really brushed her out (because I forgot to grab the camera the first time).  And still, look that that fuzz! 


I'd like to think it's helping this pup beat the heat a little now that she's free of some undercoat.  And look how happy she is!  Not only is she cooler but I'm less hairy, too.  And her coat is dust free and shiny even without a bath!  Everyone wins today.  :-)

"All Smiles"


Katie said...

I use the shedding blade also. Its great for the back area and larger areas. I also picked up a furminator. Usually pretty pricey, but I picked one up (out of luck) ar tj maxx). They are great the usually take out just the undercoat. And my back yard looks the same, like I skinned a few bunnies.

Amy said...

TJ Maxx is GREAT! You can't look for anything specific but if your just browsing you're sure to find a good deal.