Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharing Toys

Guilty.  I didn't find some golden nugget of information about how to teach our dogs to share their toys with other dogs.  But I did just add a gadget that will help Winnie and I share our favorite toys with you!  I've finally collected some of the books and dog stuff I've talked about for months in one place... Sharing Toys.  Just under the blog archive to your right.  

It has my name on it!  How great is THAT?

Speaking of new toys... here is a photo of a new dog bed my mom made for Winnie.  She was so happy to get it but thought it was a huge chew toy instead of a bed.  Needless to say it didn't last long and has thus become a big push for the famous stuffing less Skinneeez!

Bed?  What do you mean bed?  I sleep on the couch.  This must be a chew toy/canopy. 


Kelly said...

haha, I don't buy anything w/stuffing anymore. It is just such a mess!

Karen said...

i love coming home to my room with stuffing scattered hahaha.

everything is a chew toy to butterball and im working very hard and teaching him to share with benny. very slow process.
any tips?

Amy said...

Kelly - NO JOKE! And this one was like a JUMBO stuffing toy.

Karen - To be honest, Winnie shares toys pretty well with people and dogs. She will resource guard food or raw hides around other dogs (never people) which I don't love. It's impossible to fully "take control" of the situation but I do try to lead her along. I'll set food down and at the first micro-cue in her body language that tells me she's not a happy relaxed dog I bring her focus back to me and then back to her dinner. Hopefully, his will teach her just not to think about the other dogs but being an only-dog it's hard to practice consistantly.

Good Luck with Benny adn Butterball! If I pick up any good info I'll pass it along.